YWAM Siem Reap

Welcome to U oftN Siemreap Base!

We have been here since August 2006. Despite being the most visited tourist location in Cambodia, Siemreap is also the poorest province according to a 2009 UN survey. It is also the second highest in child labor (for individuals 18 years and younger). We exist to be part in transforming the Khmer society through educating and training individuals holistically.

“Saturating the 12 districts in Siemreap province through humanitarian and Christian works.”

We are already present in 3 districts (Siemreap, Pouk, and Bakong) and work has been steadily in progress and growing. There are still 9 more districts that are unreached yet reachable! You can be part of what we are doing through prayer, volunteer service, coming as part of teams and in your giving so God’s dream will be fulfilled! (The more people, the merrier and work gets done faster!)

Please contact us at uofnsiemreap@yahoo.com if you would like to :

1. Apply for our schools :


– Introduction to Primary Health Care

– School of Worship

– Preschool Teacher’s Training

2. Bring a team to Cambodia,

3. Know more about our ministry,

or anything else that you want to inquire about us!


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